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High School Honor Rolls

The area Catholic high school honor rolls including our alumni are posted here. Please note we post this information as it is received from the high schools. If it is not here, please check back, as we should be receiving the information soon. 

Saint Joseph's Academy
First Quarter Honor Roll 2011-12

FIRST HONOR ROLL – 3.5 - 5.0
Sydney Alaine Andre'
Ann Marie Barfield
Allison Marie Bourgeois
Arianna Francesca Campesi
Sinclair Lauve Chapman
Caroline Blakeley Cordell
Leah Elizabeth Dean
Amanda Karolyn Doran
Emily Kathryn Franklin
RaeDiance Elizabeth Fuller
Alexandra Frances Gaudin
Abigail Elizabeth Grant
Alexandra Kathryn Hebert
Taylor Marie Jarreau
Madeleine Angelle Jeansonne
Celine Angela Jeha
Bria Leshae Johnson
Sarah Megan Jones
Hailey Michelle Katzman
Marianne Virginia Konikoff
Emily Margaret Krzystowczyk
Meghan Michelle Kurz
Mary Elizabeth LaHaye
Jennifer Louise Landry
Ursula Andree' Laville
Annabelle Marie Laville
Emily Anne Lewis
Michaelyn Claire McGinnis
Grace Anne Mikesell
Claire Lanier Miller
Olivia Catherine Miller
Ana-Maria Morales
Mackenzie Jason Noonan
Madeline Claire Olinde
Gwendolyn Ann Peek
Paige Lucia Pocorello
Elise Frances Richard
Madeleine Savoie Richard
Emily Meghann Robb
Victoria Hayes Robert
Kaitlyn Elizabeth Rothkamm
Elizabeth Danielle Rumfola
Kristyn Nicolle Saffiotti
McKenzie Lea Schexnayder
Alison Torres Simon
Sydney Alyse Small
Laura Catherine Smith
Alexie Marie Stall
Mary Margaret Magee Strange
Victoria Jane Taravella
Stephanie Michele Toups
Mary Eloise Toups
Jean Elyse Vicari
Andrea Nicole Villa
Elizabeth Marie Vukovics
Chelsea Dinah Wilson
Allison Claire Young
Allison Noell Youngblood

SECOND HONOR ROLL – 3.0 - 3.499
Brette Ann Adams
Brooke Elizabeth Barbay
Hope Alexis Bovard
Madison Elizabeth Childers
Laura Elizabeth Coniglio
Jeanne Adelle Daniel
Adelaide Elizabeth Eysink
Allison Claire Franklin
Kendall Ann Harper
Eve Cecile Heitman
Alise Catherine Hodges
Abigayle Cecilia Hodges
Erika Brooke Hudson
Norma Anne Kellerman
Laura Madison Miles
Brittany Michelle Mitchell
Emily Marie Mitchell
Jaime Marie Parker
Julia Katharine Price
Mary Frances Pugh
Madelyn Rebecca Schmidt
Sophia Alane Spano
Angelle Marie Suire
Ashley Elizabeth Tarleton
Paige Nichole Tibbetts
Shelby McCall Toups
Anne Marie Trepovicht
Colleen Frances Verrett
Mary Caroline Vinning

Saint Michael the Archangel
Honor Roll 1-17-2012

Tyler Parker

Morgan Bourgeois
Matthew Cavell
Aaron Finley
Anna Kennedy
Amanda Lally
Kaitlyn McFarland
Elizabeth Nguyen
Billy Reeves
Amber Robillard
Stanley Spring, III

Michelle Gremillion
Martha Hall
Kevin Justice
Sarah Major
Nicolas Smith
Seth Spinner

Saint Michael the Archangel
Honor Roll 4-1-2012

Tyler Parker

Matthew Cavell
Aaron Finley
Michelle Gremillion
Anna Kennedy
Amanda Lally
Kaitlyn McFarland
Elizabeth Nguyen
Amber Robillard
Nicolas Smith
Stanley Spring, III

Morgan Bourgeois
Martha Hall
Sarah Major
Billy Reeves
Tylor Row
Seth Spinner
Alex Venable

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