Traditions for Tomorrow

OLOM Auction

March 6, 2010
OLOM School Gym

Dancing Diamond Lever-back Earrings
14K, .26 TW
Donated by Saunders Lux Jewelers


Antique Writing Desk


Wood Niche with Statue of Mary
Hand crafted by Joe Giacone
Donor:  Joe Giacone


Large Stations of the Cross
Sculpted and Cast by Debbie Luke
Donor:  Debbie Luke


Small Way of the Cross Stations
Sculpted and cast by Debbie Luke
Donor:  Debble Luke


David Yurman Necklace
Donor:  Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry


32" LCD TV - 'In the Box'
Donor:  Sherwood Magnavox


Wooden Cross
Donor:  Jack Kellerman


Grandmother Clock and Chairs (two separate items)
Grandmother clock and 4 upholstered chairs


Lauren Barksdale Original Art
Donor:  Lauren Barksdale - Class of 96




 OLOM Fair Personal Tent Package
Donor:  OLOM Fair




Rumfola Cypress Swing 
Hand made platform swing made from cypress preserved from old buildings. 
Donor:  Mr. Frank Rumfola


Pre-K Project - Handmade Quilt

Pre-K fabric art made into a warm quilt.
Donor: Pre-k Families - Room Volunteers


Kindergarten Project - My Favorite Things Quilts

Boy Quilt and Girl Quilt
Each child brought a piece of their favorite blankie or t-shirt and then put a hand print on the quilt square and signed his/her name.
Donor: Kindergarten Families - Room Volunteers

First Grade Project - Art Table

Child's Wooden art table with each child's face painted by the child.
Donor: First Grade Families - Room Volunteers

Second Grade Project - Toy Bench

Toy bench decorated by students
Donor: Second Grade Families - Room Volunteers

Third Grade Project - OLOM Church Pew
Original OLOM church pew salvaged and distressed by Thomas Laville with a complete book of prayers created by each third grade student.
Donor: Third Grade Families - Room Volunteers

Fourth Grade Project - Pasta Bowl and Plates

Pasta bowl and plates hand painted by the students.
Donor: Fourth Grade Families - Room Volunteers

Fifth Grade Project - Poetry on Canvas

Form meets function...Art meets the classroom!!  The OLOM fifth graders have turned an English lesson on poetry into an incredible piece of art!  Asked to write cinquaines, the fifth graders have written a five line poem describing themselves.  Each poem, written in their own handwriting, on different color card stock, has been palced on a canvas to create what we call 'Poetry in Motion!'  Truly a priceless work of art!!
Donor: Fifth Grade Families - Room Volunteers

Sixth Grade Project - Original Art

"Wishes", original painting by Valerie Toups incorporating anonymous wishes expressed by each sixth grader.  Samples:  I wish perple would look more on the inside of people rather than the outside.  I wish there was no cancer.  I wish I could help people in need and be a photographer.  I wish I could make people laugh.  I wish there were no hurricanes.  I wish for no pain in the world. 
Donor: Sixth Grade Families - Room Volunteers

Seventh Grade Project - Mosaic Cross
Hand made mosaic cross
Donor: Seventh Grade Families - Room Volunteers

Eighth Grade Project - Framed Cast
Framed cast of religious item collected by eight graders.
Donor: Eighth Grade Families - Room Volunteers

LASIK Procedure
Bilateral (both eyes) LASIK procedure that corrects nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. This procedure is only available to patients over the age of 21 and must be redeemed by September 30, 2009. It is transferable if you are not a candidate for the procedure. Requires a free consultation with LASIK coordinator Kathy Day to determine your candidacy. Get details and more information
Donor: The Williamson Eye Center .

Southbay by the Gulf
Beachfront condo in the heart of Destin, Florida. The condo is updated and beautifully furnished. 3 bedroom, 3 ½ bath, 3 extra large decks. Master bedroom with King size bed and private balcony. Kids room equipped with bunk beds sleeping 6. 3rd room with Queen size bed. All 3 bedrooms have private bath. 2 tennis courts, shuffle board, swimming pool, kiddie pool. Big Kahuna water park across the street. See more pics and get more details.
Donor: The Williamson Cosmetic Center

Original Art - Surviving the Hurricane
Framed oil on 26"X50" canvas by former Mercy parent and present Mercy grandparent, Jubo Nordstrom.
Donor: Jubo Nordstrom

Original Art - At Peace
Framed original oil on 13"X26" canvas by Jubo Nordstrom, former Mercy parent and present Mercy grandparent.
Donor: Jubo Nordstrom

Mary in the Prayer Garden

Framed black and white photograph of the statue of Our Lady in the ECC Prayer Garden by Katherine Chenevert.

Donor: Katherine Chenevert

Original Art - Fleur de Lis

Original fleur de lis in water colorand color pencil embellished with Swarovski crystals by Roch Babin, San Antonio, TX

Donor: Roch Babin

North Boulevard Scene

Framed black and white photography by Katherine Chenevert

Donor: Katherine Chenevert

Oil Painting - Vase

Oil on canvas - Framed

Donor: Taylor Clark Galleries

Rokenbok System Defender Dual

Construction set with radio control action! 2 player starter set includes 167 pieces

Donor: Learning Express

The "Mercy" Cross

14k yellow gold cross in Mercy colors with 5 Marquise Saphires and 1 diamond on 20" 14k gold chain

Donor: Diamond Distributors


All expenses paid, transportation, bows and arrows supplied.Anglers just need license. Fish for redfish, drum (45 pounder above brought in last year), sheephead, gar, and anything else that swims or moves!

Donor: Matthew Nodier


Landscape oil painting in ornate frame.



See this lovely pair of antique Chinese lamps. Sure to enrich your decor.


King of the Krewe of Mercy

Your son will reign over the Krewe of Mercy Mardi Gras Parade 2010. He will lead the parade then review the remainder of the parade from his throne on the reviewing stand. Crown and scepter provided.
Donor: OLOM School

Queen of the Knewe of Mercy

Your daughter will reign over the Krewe of Mercy Mardi Gras Parade 2010. Sh will lead the parade then review the remainder of the parade from her throne on the reviewing stand. Crown and scepter provided.
Donor: OLOM School

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