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Academic Enrichment

The goal of the Academic Enrichment Program at Our Lady ofMercy Catholic School is to reach our learners at all levels.  We support those students with academicdifficulties as well as those who need to be challenged further than what ispossible in the regular classroom setting. There are three divisions of this program: Reading and Math Resource,Study Skills, and Alternative Enrichment.  The fees for each program vary according tothe division in which the student is placed.


Reading and Math Resource servesour students by facilitating academic accommodations, providing reading andmath interventions, and supporting the classroom teachers with the intention ofthe child gaining the foundation needed to succeed within grade levelexpectations.  Enrollment is based uponindividual child screening, previous grade level standardized test scores, STARReading Assessment’s grade level equivalent, and teacher referrals based onclassroom performance. While in the program, parents are notified of theirchild’s current academic performance. Parents are notified in the form of weekly progress reports, updatedSTAR assessments, and parent-teacher conferences. Resource teachers, inconjunction with the classroom teachers, work in partnership to assure studentprogress and success within the academic expectations of the specified gradelevel. 


Study Skills is acourse that works with students to acquire tools to help them learn accordingto their individual learning styles.   Thestudents will be taught how to organize themselves best suited to their needs.They will also work to create achievable goals and how to improve theirtest-taking skills. The course is also designed to assist students with theircurrent course work.  An introductions toStudy Skills taught to all 5th graders for a 9 week period.  All 6th through 8thgraders may choose it as a year-long elective.




The Alternative Enrichment Program (AEP) servesas a resource for the high-achieving students in the first through eighthgrades.  AEP is taught in a small groupsetting to assure that each student receives individual attention and to have ahands-on experience. In these small groups, students will work oncross-curricular activities that require the use of higher-order thinkingskills, reasoning, and problem solving. To qualify for AEP, students must havean 85 percentile on the Math Composite or the Reading Composite of the TerraNova test for the previous year. Grades from the previous year are also afactor in determining eligibility.  Firstand second graders do not have standardized test scores to use to determineeligibility, therefore teacher recommendations and observations are used todecide which students are able to be pulled from class in order to participate.  In addition, students in the sixth througheighth may choose AEP as a year-long elective.



Formore information regarding the services provided through the AcademicEnrichment Program, please contact the Director of Academic Enrichment, Mrs.Kristy Monsour, at