Traditions for Tomorrow

Spanish Club

The Our Lady of Mercy Spanish Club!


“¡Hola Amigos and Bienvenidos a Todos!”

(“Hello and Welcome to Everyone!”)


“¡Somos Familia!”

(“We Are Family!”)



Señora Nicholson

(Mrs. Yvette Nicholson)



Primary Objectives:

“Increasing the use of Spanish language and promoting Spanish cultural awareness through fun, educational, and diverse interactive activities!” 

“Looking beyond the walls of the traditional Spanish Classroom and traditional Spanish subject matter and exploring the possibilities available for Spanish Club Members when they take the wonderful language of Spanish to another level!”  

“Laying the groundwork now that will seed and grow and be instrumental for Spanish Club Members in their future lives in becoming more global, culturally diverse, and the benefits that will come to them in possessing secondary language communication skills!”

“Exposing Spanish Club Members to the Spanish-speaking world and it’s rich, diverse cultures, and traditions!”

"Providing a place for Spanish Club Members to:

"To be just plain silly and have so much fun with the language of Spanish, while still being respectful to others!”