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Academic Student Support Services


Academic Student Services

Student Services Coordinator:

Kristy Monsour


Academic student services are in place to support the school’s efforts to meet individual student needs. The Student Services Coordinator will work with parents, teachers, administration, and outside parties to identify needs, plan and implement interventions and accommodations, and monitor student progress.




Pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, and first grade classrooms will each have a full-time assistant. These classes are smaller in size, which will allow the teachers and assistants to more easily differentiate instruction, provide remediation, and extension activities on a daily basis within the context of the core instructional periods.


Second and third grade will utilize a Resource Assistant, who will serve as small group and resource support during daily core classes, for students needing remediation or extension. The Resource Assistant will also provide accommodations during assessments, both in the classroom as a second teacher and as a pull-out leader, as appropriate for the children needing additional support.


Fourth and fifth grade will have one grade-level teacher with time built in her schedule to float into both reading and math blocks daily in order to provide small group and resource support for the students. This teacher will also provide accommodations during assessments.


Study skills classes are implemented in fifth through eighth grades. Fifth grade students will have a 9-week enrichment rotation in an Introductory to Study Skills course. This course will present the students with test-taking strategies as well as note-taking skills, comprehension skills, mnemonic devices, and learning how to use web-based informational resources. Sixth through eighth graders can be enrolled in Study Skills as a year-long enrichment class where they will be able to learn the skills that will help them succeed in their core classes. Curriculum support is given as well.





A fee-based after school resource program is available to provide students with small group reading and math remediation for students performing below grade level. Certified teachers will be available for kindergarten through second grade students on Monday and Wednesday afterschool and for third through sixth grade students on Tuesday and Thursday afterschool. Admission into this program will be determined by the classroom teachers and the Student Services Coordinator.

Resource Program





A fee-based after school enrichment program, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math), is available to those students who would like to be further challenged beyond what is offered in the classroom. It involves critical thinking components and problem solving with integration of the school curriculum. STEAM will also include math skills and games, using technology to improve writing, reading, and expression and creativity through art. There will be a fall session which meets once a week after school from September through December and a spring session which meets once a week after school from January through April.  Fees will be charged per session and students may participate in one or both sessions.